SewEZFingerthing Tutorial Video

Welcome to the Sew-EZ Fingerthing blog! We are just getting started, but already have so many features within some amazing magazine publications and online retailers. If you are into sewing, quilting, or even crafting and you haven’t heard of the Sew-EZ Fingerthing yet, please read more!

The Sew-EZ Fingerthing is a NEW quirky little tool that will help you with so many different sewing methods, especially english applique paper piecing. Sewers from all over the worlds use the Fingerthing for accurately crossing points, or matching points at crossing seams. Did we mention this tools helps with tiny pieces of applique to keep your fingers far from the iron and getting burned! This nifty fingerthing can be used on either hand or finger, adjusted to fit all. (even men!) (any finger, either hand), the entire time you’re sewing – you will forget it’s even there! You can use the Fingerthing to precisely push material through your sewing machine, align corners of fabric with ease without the worry of being pricked! Bond tiny pieces to your projects with glue with your Sew-EZ Fingerthing without getting sticky fingers. There are too many things you can do with this fun amazing little sewing tool! The Sew-EZ Fingerthing has a quick four minute instructional video on some uses, along with a great audio and visual tutorial guide to help you better understand how to use your Sew-EZ Fingerthing! Watch and learn. Stay tuned, we are coming out with more specific tutorials for all our fans requesting additional demonstrations. If you have any yourself please share them with us and we will post them on our blog!