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The best sewing tool ever created, sewers all around the world can now sew with ease and avoid costly mistakes, even worse lost time trying to re-align missed seams and applique. This sewing tool can be worn on your right or left hand, adjusted to fit any finger, and even accommodates long fingernails while precisely guiding your fabric underneath your sewing machine. You will find so many uses for this amazing sewing fingerthing such as, english applique, accurately crossing points, paper-piece precision, embellishments, and goodbye burned fingers while pressing fabric seams down during bias-tape iron-on, this sewing tool is absolutely amazing and is made for every sewer, quilter, and arts and craftsmen.


Made of high quality anodized aluminum, and produced right here in the USA.



This sewing tool allows for accurate positioning when crossing seams, or crossing points. Simply hold the fabric corners in place while being fed underneath the sewing machine. No more misaligned seams, or broken fingernails, this tool has your fingers covered!


Pressing your seams open has never been easier. Simply guide the SewEZfingerthing over the desired seams to be ironed and follow through with precision ironing and forget ever burning your fingers again. This tool allows you to safely press open seams with precision.


The best tool for appliqueing, bar-none! Easily applique english paper-piecing style, or standard applique paper-piecing altogether. Simply glide the tip of the sewing tool underneath the fabric to tuck seams in, and enjoy the best shortcut for paper piecing ever!


Easily iron-on bias tape or heat-set bias tape. This quilting notion also allows you to easily and precisely iron-on threads and embellishments.

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